Bikes and COVID-19: Giant cannot catch up with the high demand from customers (part 2)

Giant shut down factories in China for 1.5 months when Covid-19 broke out in the country. After that, Europe and America also started to blockade, importers canceled their orders.

Ms. Tu said that sales in the US started to increase again in March. Currently all of Giant’s factories are operating at almost full capacity. However, despite people rushing to buy bicycles, she calmly did not increase the scale of production. This female leader does not believe that the new love that the world for cycling can last longer than the pandemic. It was only sooner or later, she said.

Ms. Tu’s careful business is evidenced by her carefree lifestyle. At the age of 70, she is full of energy and spirit. She cycles three times a week and has completed four laps on the island of Taiwan. She also boasts that she had completed triathlon for the first time at the age of 60.

Like any good long-distance cyclist, Ms. Tu knows how to adjust her speed by herself. She did not worry that Chinese rivals might try to take advantage of cheap bicycles. The pandemic revived one of China’s largest bike-producing towns, which was shut down last year after the country’s bike-sharing bubble exploded.

Ms. Tu said it is difficult to understand why Chinese business owners seem to believe their customers are only concerned with price, not quality. Her concern when it comes to China is only how to maintain Giant’s workforce. Younger interest in factory jobs is declining. Currently, recruiting in China seems difficult despite the widespread layoffs. She said Giant is trying to find the best use of Chinese resources in the context of geopolitical turmoil.

Apart from that, many other manufacturers have set up factories in Vietnam. But for Giant, the Southeast Asian market is not large enough to reach.

Bikes and COVID-19: Giant cannot catch up with the high demand from customers (part 1)

Demand for bicycles skyrocketed during the epidemic season, leaving the world’s largest producer of the item in time.

Due to Covid-19, gyms are closed, bus and train travel is limited, and outdoor modes of exercise are preferred. This caused the sales of bicycles to soar around the world. As a result, bicycles are in short supply everywhere. Giant, the world’s largest producer of bicycles, expects their supply to continue to be tight in the near future.

US President Donald Trump started a trade war with China in 2018. Giant moved some of its manufacturing operations for the US market from mainland China to the company’s headquarters in Taiwan to avoid taxes. Some years later, the European Union imposed anti-dumping duties on electric bicycles which comes from China. Therefore, Giant also started producing this kind of product in Taiwan.

But when a pandemic broke out, the demand for bicycles skyrocketed, and Giant had to reverse operations. Because the facility in Taiwan is overcrowded, they have no choice but to increase production in mainland China, although this incurs additional tariff costs for the company.

There’s no other place in the world like China that can instantly accelerate from zero to 100 like a sports car.

This year, the Trump administration has temporarily lifted tariffs on a wide variety of Chinese goods deemed not strategically important. Bicycles was counted in this list.

However, the tariff stop on certain types of bicycles has expired this month. This means that Giant can once again adjust the supply chain. There are so many trade barriers that make them stuck between the two great powers.

Giant was famous for decades before producing bicycles for the iconic American brand Schwinn. After that, the company became a true force in the global bicycle industry. Today, the company operates 5 factories in China, which account for 70% of production.

What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 3)


Selecting the right bike size for your body size will help the cycling process go smoothly. The best way to know exactly is that you can visit the manufacturer’s website for the specifications of each bike model. In addition, you can go directly to the store to admire and hear the advice from the expert team, ensuring you will find the best bike size for you.

Currently, the most basic calculation for bicycle size measurement consists of 3 steps:

  • Remove shoes and stand at a distance of 15-20cm from the feet, measure the height from the ground to the hip area
  • Choose your type
  • Use the formula to calculate the frame: the height of the foot (cm) x 0.70 = the size of the bike frame

In addition, you can refer to the parameter table below:

Bike Fitting

A suitable off-road bike including fit, height, flexibility is carefully tuned from your cycling goal, and can improve handling and handling. Go requires more engineering and more challenges. In addition, Bike fitting can assess the size of the person with the chassis, bonnet, handlebars accordingly. The process usually involves 12 steps from trial pedaling, data analysis, to vehicle alignment. Thanks to bikefit, you will know exactly all the tired muscle groups, or the factors that cause discomfort and discomfort during cycling.


The transmission is another motor, the heart of a bicycle. They are made up of many connected components and act as if united. Your choice should base on your purpose. Currently the most famous drive manufacturers in the world are Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo, but Shimano is the most popular brand today. A good transmission not only integrates many technologies but also must be suitable for cycling purposes, terrain surfaces, and the skills to use and handle from amateur to professional.

Top latest terrain bikes in 2020

Mountain bike (also called mountain bike or MTB bike) is a bike with a relatively heavy weight and stronger than normal bikes.

Wheels with large diameter, more spikes help the car to grip the road more and slip resistance, suitable when traveling on roads with uneven terrain, gravel roads, hills, forest roads, … big, can fit 2-3 shock absorbers shock absorbers, handlebars straight design sure and easy to drive.

In terms of speed, mountain bikes are not as flexible and fast as Road bikes because of their somewhat heavy weight but in return, they have a strong, robust design and can run on many terrains. Different bikes are suitable for many genders, ages and needs, especially those who like sports and often travel to explore, so they are very popular with consumers.

  1. Giant Bicycle ATX 700 2020
    The 2020 Giant ATX 700 sports bike is designed completely new compared to the previous versions with handlebars, shocks, fork and lightweight aluminum alloy saddle, 3-speed Shimano transmission combined High quality oil disc brakes help the car operate smoothly, shift gears smoothly when traveling on many different terrains.
  2. Giant Vehicle ATX 660 2020
    The Giant ATX 660 Sports Bike 2020 is one of the terrain bikes that looks very compact but can overcome a lot of rugged terrain. Compared with the previous version, this version has more improvements to the Shimano Tourney transmission, along with more striking colors than the 2019 version makes the ATX 660 bike impress many consumers.
  3. Giant ATX 860 2020 Vehicle
    The Giant ATX 860 2020 bicycle monster is perfect to every detail, the latest version with the unprecedented configuration, Shimano Deore transmission, Shimano MT200 oil brake, 27.5 wire suspension fork made of alloy. Sturdy and safe aluminum alloy, combined with 27.5 inch wheels ensure you conquer the most difficult roads in a way that you could never expect.

The launch of the car has made young people crazy with two simple tones (light blue and gray), the car is suitable for guys who love the simplicity that does not like striking, strong but personality.

  1. Giant Vehicle ATX 830 2020 27.5
    The Giant ATX 830 terrain bike in 2020 uses a 27.5 inch wheel pair to help the bike easily overcome tougher terrain, increasing traction and safety for the driver. The bike is equipped with Shimano Altus transmission, frame, handlebar, fork, fork, bicycle saddle made of high-grade aluminum alloy of giant bicycle company to optimize weight to help the bike achieve high speed. than previous generations of bikes

Types of bicycle

For newcomers planning to join the cycle, the choice of a bike is not around style, design, but also depends on the purpose of the bike, the budget to buy, and the configuration. So what are the criteria when you buy a bike? Join us to learn what beginners need to know how many types of bicycles!
Mountain Bike (MTB)
If you are a cyclist, or simply prefer “bunker” sized bikes, terrain bikes will be the choice for you. Mountain bicycles possess a larger, thicker wheel with many interlocking spikes to help overcome the rugged terrain, so the “ice” on pothole surfaces or Crushed stone is just a small thing. Besides, you should choose Hardtail terrain vehicle (1 fork) will help bring comfort and convenience to carry things than the 2-fork (Full-suspension). However, mountain bike lines are usually heavier so it takes more effort to cycle.

Road Bike

Contrary to the street car and mountain climbing. Road bicycles generally focus on speed, suitable for those who love the feeling of “hiding” and surfing at a fast pace. However, most road cars have a pair of wheels that are “fragile” so wear and tear are easy, so if you intend to choose a road bike for cycling, then you should carry spare wheels and guts. Besides, you must be very careful when cycling road because they are easy to slip when wet surface conditions.

Street Bike
Considered a versatile vehicle, with a slimmer design than mountain bikes but “fuller” than the road bikes. Street bikes put more emphasis on comfort and convenience when integrating the paga part to carry things. Usually the street bikes are designed with a frame of aluminum or strong steel, with universal transmission and horizontal handlebars to easily change the seating position, bringing convenience and ease. Use for everyone. In addition, the rims are solid because there are 36 spokes or more, so the problem of broken spokes, curved rim almost does not occur.

What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 2)


The purpose of cycling will be the first factor to help you choose for yourself a suitable bike. If you’re just a bike rider for everyday activities like going to school, working, or just taking part in health workouts, street bikes or one-off scooters will be choose for you. However, if you wish to participate in professional road cycling, then cycling bikes will be the right choice for you.


Frame is considered as the soul of the bike, greatly affecting the performance of a bike. It can be said that at present, the material used to produce bicycle frames is mostly Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon.

Aluminum Chassis

First of all, it is an aluminum material that is a common and popular material in the bicycle industry because it is light, strong, and easy to weld. Currently, there are a lot of famous brands using aluminum welding technology in manufacturing bikes. In particular, it can be said to be Specialized, a well-known bicycle company by D ‘Aluisio Smartwell welding technology which helps to limit the pressure on the frame from the appropriate distribution of the tube connector.

Steel Frame

Steel has long been a popular material since the 1980s. Although somewhat heavier than aluminum and carbon, it is still a good choice that feels more compact and more solid.

Carbon Chassis

Finally, it is Carbon, the most advanced material that has been widely applied to road bikes. Because it has not only extremely durable interwoven structure, but also extremely flexible, light and strong. Because of its superiority, the price of Carbon bikes is also much higher than other models. Because they focus solely on performance and serve the purpose of professional cycling. However, aluminum is still a very good choice if you are new to cycling on the road!

What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 1)

For newcomers who are thinking about cycling, the choice of a bike is not about style, design, but it depends on the purpose of the bike, the budget to buy it, and the configuration. So what are the criteria when you buy a bike? Let’s find out what newbies need to know when they intend to buy a bike!


Mountain bicycles (MTB)

If you are a cyclist, or simply prefer the bunker sized bike, terrain bike will be the choice for you. Mountain bikes have bigger, thicker wheels with lots of interlocking spikes to aid in overcoming obstacles, so run fast on potholes or crushed rock. just a small thing. Besides, you should choose Hardtail terrain vehicle (1 fork) will help bring comfort and convenience to carry things than the 2-fork (Full-suspension). However, mountain bike lines are usually heavier so it takes more effort to cycle.

Road Bike

Contrary to the street and mountain bike, road bicycles generally focus on speed, suitable for those who love the feeling of surfing at high speed. However, most road bikes have a pair of wheels so fragile so tire wear or tear is easy. Therefore, if you intend to choose a road bike for cycling, you should bring spare tires and guts. Besides, you must be very careful when cycling road because they are easy to slip when wet surface conditions.

Street Bike

Street bikes put more emphasis on comfort and convenience when integrating the paga part to carry things. Typically, street bikes are designed with a solid aluminum or steel frame, with universal transmission and horizontal handlebars. This makes it easy to change the seating position, bringing usability and ease of use for everyone. Besides, the wheels are solid because there are 36 spokes or more. So the problem of spokes fracture or curved rim almost does not occur. Suitable street wheel sizes are 700c x 28, or 700c x 36.

Why is the bicycle tire at the Tour de France bigger and bigger?

Tour de France is becoming more and more technologically advanced, from super aerodynamic frames, lightweight tires, oval chains, slippery outfits, to chains. Sprinkle with flour.

Racing teams will try everything they can to run faster. It is therefore interesting to see a “traditional” change appear in a technologically advanced world of bicycle races. We are talking about increasingly bigger tires with reduced pressure.

This is a new trend emerging at the Tour de France, and it has significant advantages: helping the car run faster and more comfortable in the harsh conditions of the real world. This type of tire has been studied by many experts, most notably the research published by VeloNews. It is also a “slap” to the long-held view that you will go faster if you use layers of narrower width and higher pressure.

This is the tire of Greg Van Avermaet, the reigning Olympic champion, who leads many laps of the Tour de France. It is 26mm in size compared to the traditional 23mm size.

Last week, at the Tour de France, Geoff Brown, head of mechanical engineering of EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale, shared some information about this movement.

When asked about the trend of big tires and low pressure, which was completely opposite to what professional cyclists thought, but now it has become a must-have standard for top racing teams, he said:

“It depends on the surface of the track, but 10 years ago, the standard was 23mm tires with 8 or 8.5 bar pressure, or 115, 120 psi. Today, in normal racing, the tire size is 25mm and pressure 7 up to 7.5 bar for both front and rear wheels, which is slightly lower than the maximum of 100-110 on bicycles”.

It is true that in 2018, we have never seen a 23mm tire. Up to the present time, the most popular tire sizes are 25mm and 26mm. And while it’s difficult to compare tour speed based on width and tire pressure, studies and more and more teams using this type of tire say it all.

Even big riders – like Taylor Phinney, 1.98 meters tall and weighing 85 kg – use low-pressure tires like small, lightweight mountain-racer riders like Rigoberto Uran.

Covid-19 helps revitalize bicycle sharing service in China

The two leading bike-sharing apps in China, Mobike and Hellobike, have both witnessed impressive sales growth between the new strain of coronavirus.

In the past two years, the bike-sharing service has been paralyzed in China after the boom. Millions of bikes are thrown into landfills. However, the South China Morning Post reports that Chinese bike-sharing companies are seeing impressive sales growth as the Covid-19 epidemic restricts urban commuting.

On social media, many Chinese say bicycles allow them to travel in open spaces without having to interact with anyone around them.

According to Xinhua, even an expert at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that this is the form of public transport with the lowest risk of coronary virus infection.

The interest of users is helping to revive bike-sharing companies in China in difficult times, especially in the Wuhan epidemic center (Hubei province).

Hellobike, one of China’s largest bike-sharing providers, said trips over 3 km tripled on Jan. 22 and January 24, when Wuhan closed public transport service.

The proportion of trips around hospitals, supermarkets and food markets increased by 5% compared to before the outbreak. Not only in Wuhan, bike-sharing companies are also making a profit in China.

Hellobike said the trip longer than 3 km nationwide has doubled over the same period last year. Meituan, the owner of the bike brand Mobike, also announced that the number of trips longer than 3 km doubled from a month earlier.

Didi, the company that owns Qingju Bike, said the number of trips has increased by more than 150% nationwide since early February.

However, analysts say this is only a temporary revival. The recent increase does not mean that users will stick with the bike sharing service when things are back to normal.

“However, in the long run, this industry is still difficult to recover and develop. When the epidemic is under control and the situation returns to normal, consumers will return to their old migration habits. ”

The bike-sharing service in China boomed sharply in 2017 and 2018. However, the service was in recession, leading to mass bankruptcies. Giant bicycle cemeteries spring up like mushrooms all over the country.

Sun Naiyue, an analyst at Analysys, said the disease is a good opportunity for bike-sharing companies to prove their value.

The growth may not last long because people still require comfort, time and convenience when traveling. And they are back again with buses and subways.

Mr. Sun added that the new strain of coronavirus could also make users pay more attention to the electric bicycle sharing service.

Looking for the racing bike Contend SL 1

Contend SL 1 was born not only to attract customers by popular prices but also by design and features that are getting better and better.

As a product in the list of racing bikes of the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and accessories, Contend SL 1 is distributed and trusted in many Asian and European markets. Contend SL 1 increasingly affirmed its position in the village of racing bikes, last April this bike model was rated 4.5/5 stars by Bikeradar magazine, its members rated them as knowledgeable experts. On racing bikes, there is an objective assessment and each product is thoroughly inspected by Bikeradar about aesthetics and aesthetic ability.

Contend SL 1 is really an impressive racing bike, the overall weight of the car under 9kg is quite suitable for the purpose of training or playing in professional racing competitions.


Contend SL 1 creates more confidence for users thanks to the frame made of Aluxx SL (Super Light) aluminum material, according to the level, this advanced material is lighter in weight than steel, and is very durable. Rusting extends the life of the product. The firmness and firmness of Aluxx SL new aluminum material creates more favorable conditions when climbing, breaking, sprinting to the finish. The Contend SL 1 has a geometric balance feature that helps the car move at a faster pace than other conventional racing bikes. Along with that is the Hybrid Composite fork set that makes the car move more smoothly, reducing the vibration from the road surface.

V-brake type mechanical brake works well, maximum clamping force is higher than other types of brakes, strong and able to control maximum, V brake is easy to assemble and maintain. The entire cable is threaded inside the frame, increasing the aesthetics of the vehicle. This configuration ensures users have good experiences, meeting the needs of simple daily use with stable multitasking capabilities.


Record Giant Connect with solidity, help riders curl around the track smoothly and accurately. Sport boosters provide comfort and timely help for the accelerator postures of the riders.

Contend SL 1 owns aluminum braces Giant PR-2 combined with Giant Gavia AC 2 cover size 700x25c, tubeless form avoids sudden pressure loss and can self-patch when rolling sharp objects. The seat is comfortable, the material is smooth, airy, high stability. Besides, the saddle has a limited ability like a squirrel when moving through rough roads, potholes on the road, helping people pedal more excitement on the long road.


Accompanied by a smooth saddle, the saddle is easily raised and lowered in accordance with the height of each pedal, with a fast opening lock made by a moderate thrust that can adjust the height of the saddle car. The saddle integrates D-Fuse technology to absorb the vibrations and bring good experiences on the road.

Contend SL 1 2018 has two basic colors: black/blue and white/orange, both versions are very elegant and time-consuming.