The folding bike Ferrari Speed 7 brings all the leading technology

The Ferrari 7 folding bike is completely different from the traditional folding bikes on the market. When you mention the name Ferrari, you’re immediately drawn to the company’s philosophy of racing history and performance technology.

Ferrari’s name is no longer limited to high-end sports bikes, now you can see the name Ferrari on pens, clothes, sunglasses, and now high-end bicycles. You expect the top technologies to appear on folding bicycles and the Ferrari Speed ​​7 bike that brings all those points.

The latest addition to the Ferrari family is a 7-speed folding bike for adults. This bike drops to 14KG very light, allowing users to lift it with one hand and put it safely in the back of the bike. The Ferrari 7 Speed ​​folding bike is warranted for a full two years and designed by the world famous Ferrari design team. Ferrari is accustomed to making top-notch bikes and when they join bike games, they will definitely partner with the most famous custom-designed bicycle company from Italy.


Ferrari folding bike has much attention to details like its bikes. You can see the quality of the bike in it with a high-quality steel frame, wheel size 20″ Komda Alloy, Hi-ten Steel Fork and alloy rim. You will feel the difference when you climb this bike, because it moves much smoother and superior than any folding bike in the folding bike circle. The quality of all other good bicycle component components contributes to the overall performance of the vehicle.

With a Ferrari 7-speed folding bike, you can just fold it in a few seconds, store it in the trunk and start on the road. When you work, you can use the bike to go, or even ride to the gym in the city. The great thing about this Ferrari bike is that once you see the bike, you may be inclined to spend more and more time walking, exploring the city where you live. You will make your body be mobilized and also help reduce bike emissions.


The Ferrari folding bike outstrips its nearest competitors by Zstar brakes, alloy frames and rims, Japan’s Shimano gearshift and Shimano’s well-known movement, Japan’s famous brand. Every special part of this bike exudes luxury, and you’ll be the envy of every other racer when they see this bike. Ferrari folding bicycles stand out in the crowd, from polished curves to sporty lines often not seen on another popular folding bike.

If you’re looking for a Japanese folding bike (for the Japanese market) and it’s classy enough, you might want to opt for the Ferrari 7-speed folding bike. This folding bike is great, you will immediately see that no details are overlooked and you can finally tell everyone you own a Ferrari 7.


The overall design of the bike is incredible, it’s performance that will make you speechless. The bike performs as well as its automotive counterpart, it is perfect. Be the first to touch this amazing folding bike, and ride Ferrari 7!

Sports bike model for the elderly

Today life grows so many people are concerned about their health so they have chosen methods to practice sports.

Particularly for elderly people, bicycling plays a role as an exercise to help them improve their cardiovascular status, preventing diabetes complications from high blood pressure and improving bone and joint health.

The selection of sports bikes is also not difficult, in the following article, we will introduce you to the bike model TW3000 2018 – a suitable choice for the elderly.

Twitter is a famous German bicycle brand, produced on a modern technological line, with a sturdy frame, quality accessories selected from third parties such as Shimano and Sram because of this you complete It can be more reassuring with the ability to move sustainably on long distances.


TW3000 2018 with a robust design possesses an incomparable configuration of Giant, with the same configuration you can buy cheaper than the Giant ATX610. The chassis is made entirely of quality aluminum alloy material 7005, without welds with high rigidity and rigidity, withstands good impact with oxidizing agents to help you resist corrosion at level maximum over time.

Equipped with TW2.0 oil fork system with retractable lock with a smart control function, you can have smart controls on different types of terrain. With hydraulic dampers you will feel more comfortable walking on terrain like undulating trails.

The disc with 3 42-34-24T discs with the ability to provide stronger transmission force makes the revs become strong and healthy. Sports body disc with rotor spokes has effective heat dissipation function, increase braking effect. You can absolutely get the amazing transfer capability in safety.

Motion system is highly rated with 21-speed system with the combination of Shimano ST-EF500 21 Speed ​​with the previous MicroSHIFT FD-M20 and the following Shimano Tourney RD-TZ50 more flexible and flexible conversion on complex technical terrain helps users be more proactive.


In addition, sports leather saddle also helps limit fatigue, avoiding the ability to insert blood vessels when traveling with long distances.

Our above comments will be the most useful knowledge you need to grasp. So you need to be able to choose the best sports bike to make your journeys more wonderful than ever. Refer to more professional car players to get the most useful advice!

Review New Orbitrack aggregator bike

Since being officially marketed, New Orbitrack Bike has quickly become a professional exercise machine with the best fitness training exercises. This synthesizer has met most of the needs for improved body shape, weight loss, and stress reduction for users.

The support of many modern features in addition to the breakthrough elements that make the New Orbitrack bike form one of the few best-bought exercise machines this year.

Here, we will help you objectively and honestly assess this bike collection. From there, solve the question of “Should I use this new Orbitrack bike at home every day?”.

New Orbitrack

Overview of vehicle design overview:

+ Still strong style similar to other gym bike lines but the chassis has much more certainty. Flywheels move through the chain system, providing smoothness during cycling. So it does not affect people around, especially in families with young children.

+ The weight of the whole machine up to 30 kg allows a practitioner with a weight of up to 125 kg to practice daily. Modern bike design is suitable for all family training needs.

 New Orbitrack

+ The gentle hand training creates a comfortable feeling, helping the practitioner to maximize the firmness of the arms and chest muscles. Weight of flywheel 7 (kg), thickness of 35 (mm) and radius of 460 (mm) provide the level of professional cycling.

About the overview of the New Orbitrack bike aggregator is a perfect product in delivering the most enjoyable and effective experience for home users.

Evaluate features of New Orbitrack bike set:

As we all know, these exercise bikes are always accompanied by new features that are simple to use. Sometimes you just need a light push of a button, sometimes you just need to move one step and you can switch to different features.

+ Resistance adjustment feature: Only with a simple twist on the body, you can change the level of heavy cycling – light discretion for the exercise. The higher the level of resistance, the greater the force put on the legs and the higher the fat burning effect. On the contrary, at a low level of resistance you will find cycling as simple as riding a downhill bike and losing weight will decrease.

+ Compact folding feature: When not in use, instead of leaving it blank, you can fold this bike to the New Orbitrack exercise and store it in a corner of a few passersby. It is very useful for houses with narrow spaces.

 New Orbitrack

About training objects:

The most suitable object for this full body exercise machine is everyone. All ages in your family can be used. However, this is a non-saddle exercise bike, which is most suitable for those who practice physical strength, desire to lose weight, improve physique …

New Orbitrack bike set is the ideal exercise machine to meet all of the following expectations:

+ Abdominal fat burning, toning, weight loss.

+ Exercise physical strength and health to avoid illness.

+ Treatment of degenerative diseases of knee osteoarthritis, cancer prevention.

Above is a review of the most detailed New Orbitrack bike collection, giving you an overview when choosing to buy this machine.


Bicycles are always friendly with people and all ages. Passion for speed conquest is no longer exclusively for men, but it has become more popular for women.

Let’s find out how to choose the right car for women so you can have great journeys!

1. The distinction between male and female sports racing bikes

The most fundamental difference between male and female sports bikes is the shorter distance between the saddle and the handlebars, the size of female sports bikes is usually smaller. The upper frame of the female vehicle is usually lower to fit the female physique. In addition, other differences lie in shorter rolls and steering wheels.

Choosing the right vehicle plays a very important role in the training process, especially with the hip, thigh and back muscles. The right bike will help you sit comfortably, bring great experiences.


2. Select female sport bikes of appropriate height

There are suggestions that a high bike option will make it easier to move, but when the car is high, your foot from the saddle cannot reach the ground will make it difficult for you to move as good balance.

Make sure that the distance from the buttocks when sitting on the saddle to the ground matches your leg length, thus ensuring your safety throughout the journey. As well as helping the body have timely reflexes in unexpected cases.

3. Should choose a bicycle horizontal

Horizontal alignment is a general design for female bicycles. Because the sports bike line is shorter, the short reach to the handle makes you feel more comfortable during the journey.


4. Wide saddle, handlebar and small brake arm

When choosing a bike, you also need to pay attention to the steering wheel and the brake arm, which is small, fits the hand so that it can be adjusted to better when moving at any speed.

In addition, the rear section of the saddle is wider so that it can fit into the female’s wide sitting bones. A vehicle with a moderate weight also helps you save energy while traveling.


5. Some other notes

For other bikes available, you need to adjust some of the small details of the car to be more suitable for yourself such as:

– Adjust the height of the seat

– Change hand gap type

– Choose short thighs

– Adjust the reach of the brake system

– Change the type of saddle for women.

Review Dahon folding bicycle brand of USA

Dahon is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world with 2/3 market share in 2006.

The company was founded in 1982 by David T. Hon, a Laser physicist and based in Los Angeles, California. with manufacturing plants assembled in the US market.

1. Established history

Dahon was established with a vision of “green” movement, a form of transportation that not only helps people improve and improve their health but also protects the environment for the next generation. With this idea, engineer Hon has been working in his garage for 7 years to create a perfect folding bike that can meet the green criteria. After presenting his invention to a number of investment companies, no one cared. And his brother, Henry Hon, decided to set up their own company, in 1982. Two years later, in 1984, the Dahon folding bike was exported from the assembly line as one of the folding bicycles. most on the market at the time. Under Hon’s leadership – now recognized as the father of current folding bicycles, he and his team of 70 engineers continue with technologies and innovations for compact cars.


2. Dahon’s folding bike product

Most Dahon folding bicycles use a hinged frame design – a folded handle and a hinge on the left, leaving the steering wheel inside. Meanwhile, models like Jifo and EEZZ take advantage of new vertical folding technology.

In 2013, Dahon folding bike company offers 30 folding bike models with wheel sizes from 16 to 26 inches in aluminum alloy material or steel. One of the company’s best-selling cars is Boardwalk – a big wheeled car with a steel frame.


3. Special bike models

In the 1980s, Dahon Classic III with the Sturmey-3-speed Archer was very popular at the time.

In 2008, to celebrate the 25th birthday, Dahon folding bike maker produced a special version based on the Mμ series of MOC XXV bicycles and was welcomed by consumers.

By 2012, marking the 30th anniversary of the company, Dahon produced 300 bicycles folding limited edition in honor of this special anniversary, which was based on the media frame and had sets. High quality carbon material.

4. Awards

Dahon folding bike has won many industry awards for many years, including the prestigious Eurobike award, awarded at the world’s largest bicycle exhibition. Dahon’s prize collection includes:

– US design and creative award 2015

– US bike design and creation award 2015

– EUROBIKE Prize in 2005, 2006 and 2012

– Bicycle award of the year Riets RAI 2006

And other important awards. David Hon, the company’s chief executive and founder, was nominated in 2013 for the U.C. award. Berkeley Excellence in Achievement Award.

Dahon folding bike – the first folding bike company, with innovation and creativity every day, affirms its brand and high quality worldwide, will surely reach further in the future.

Looking for the racing bike Contend SL 1

Contend SL 1 was born not only to attract customers by popular prices but also by design and features that are getting better and better.

As a product in the list of racing bikes of the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and accessories, Contend SL 1 is distributed and trusted in many Asian and European markets. Contend SL 1 increasingly affirmed its position in the village of racing bikes, last April this bike model was rated 4.5/5 stars by Bikeradar magazine, its members rated them as knowledgeable experts. On racing bikes, there is an objective assessment and each product is thoroughly inspected by Bikeradar about aesthetics and aesthetic ability.

Contend SL 1 is really an impressive racing bike, the overall weight of the car under 9kg is quite suitable for the purpose of training or playing in professional racing competitions.


Contend SL 1 creates more confidence for users thanks to the frame made of Aluxx SL (Super Light) aluminum material, according to the level, this advanced material is lighter in weight than steel, and is very durable. Rusting extends the life of the product. The firmness and firmness of Aluxx SL new aluminum material creates more favorable conditions when climbing, breaking, sprinting to the finish. The Contend SL 1 has a geometric balance feature that helps the car move at a faster pace than other conventional racing bikes. Along with that is the Hybrid Composite fork set that makes the car move more smoothly, reducing the vibration from the road surface.

V-brake type mechanical brake works well, maximum clamping force is higher than other types of brakes, strong and able to control maximum, V brake is easy to assemble and maintain. The entire cable is threaded inside the frame, increasing the aesthetics of the vehicle. This configuration ensures users have good experiences, meeting the needs of simple daily use with stable multitasking capabilities.


Record Giant Connect with solidity, help riders curl around the track smoothly and accurately. Sport boosters provide comfort and timely help for the accelerator postures of the riders.

Contend SL 1 owns aluminum braces Giant PR-2 combined with Giant Gavia AC 2 cover size 700x25c, tubeless form avoids sudden pressure loss and can self-patch when rolling sharp objects. The seat is comfortable, the material is smooth, airy, high stability. Besides, the saddle has a limited ability like a squirrel when moving through rough roads, potholes on the road, helping people pedal more excitement on the long road.


Accompanied by a smooth saddle, the saddle is easily raised and lowered in accordance with the height of each pedal, with a fast opening lock made by a moderate thrust that can adjust the height of the saddle car. The saddle integrates D-Fuse technology to absorb the vibrations and bring good experiences on the road.

Contend SL 1 2018 has two basic colors: black/blue and white/orange, both versions are very elegant and time-consuming.

7 best bikes for 3 years old children

Royalbaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

Freestyle Kids bikes for both boys and girls. Unique side wheels make the bike great for children around 3-4 years old. Bikes come in different colors: blue, red, orange, green, white and pink, enough to catch any child. Side wheels increase hearing by reducing the noise generated when the wheel comes into contact with the road surface. The handle is specially designed so that the baby finger does not slip out. Royalbaby company mostly produces bicycles for children, bringing a lot of breakthroughs in the bicycle line for this 3-year-old baby. The Royalbaby sizes of 35, 40 and 45cm are most suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old.


Royalbaby CuteTube

Royalbaby CubeTube is a bicycle for both men and women. The joystick is easy to install and has high durability. The bike has un-bendable side wheels, ensuring balance for toddlers and providing a smooth ride. Royalbaby CuteTube has many sizes but we only mention a few: 30 cm for children 3-4 years old, size 35 cm for children from 3 to 5 years old, then size 40 cm for children 4-5 years old and last size 45 cm for 5 years old children. This is one of the most suitable bikes for fashion lovers.


Royalbaby Stargirl

A quality baby bike for girls with bells, bike baskets and extra wheels. The saddle is adjustable to fit the baby’s height and the noise-reducing rubber tire on the road. Vehicles with two sizes: size 30 cm suitable for children 2-4 years old and size 35 cm for children aged 4-7 years old.

Royalbaby Jenny & Bunny Girl’s Bike

Royalbaby Jenny baby bike is the number one choice for beautiful ladies. The classic white tires make the pink wheel rim stand out. Some other characteristics of the bike: bell, bow and an elegant bike basket. The bike has two main colors: pink and white.

WoomBike USA Woom 3 Bicycle


The bike is red, the lightweight AL-6061 aluminum helps keep the bike balanced, combined with the upright silhouette and an anti-sharp steering wheel. Drive and steering are very solid and flexible. The bike does not use foot brakes but has two V brake pads that are easy to use for the front and rear wheels, allowing children to slow down regardless of where the pedals are. Woombike is a good bike for 4-5 year olds.

Bratz Kid’s Bike

Vehicles available in black, pink and white/purple. The bike has a bag hanging from the steering wheel – something other bike don’t have. The pink bike fits nicely into 3-year-olds while 4-5 year olds will match the white one.

ByK E-250 Kid’s Bike

This is a bike for both men and women. Vehicles available in 4 colors for children to choose. The distance between the two wheels is wide, ensuring balance. The transmission system consists of 3 alloy winches, chain breakers and KMC chains to ensure speed cycling. Suitable for children 3-5 years old.

Is judging the quality of Giant bike good?

For bikers, owning a quality bike is very important and branding is the first problem when consumers want to buy a good bike.

Giant bike is a name that is considered by many people when there is a need to buy a good quality sport bike with reasonable price, affordable. However, the quality of Giant bicycles is good is a question many people ask.

Giant country bicycle originated from?

Giant is a world-famous bicycle brand from Taiwan, which has a worldwide market system from the US and Europe to Asian countries. Giant bicycle originated from Taiwan, this is a bicycle brand established in 1972 by Liu King in Taichung, Taiwan.


With market expansion, Giant now has a factory in China, Taiwan and Neitherland. Moreover, the company also takes advantage and imports many parts from professional manufacturers like Shimano.

Is the quality of Giant sports bikes good?

Speaking of quality, this bike converges the essence of many car brands around the world, so you will find a popular bike with advantages such as:

1. Diverse types

Giant is one of the companies that diversify the leading bicycle lines in the market with racing bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Giant bicycles …


And with each category of bicycles, the company also targets people with different ages and genders. Therefore, you can easily choose a Giant bike that suits your needs.

2. Good quality

From small parts such as tires, tires, to groupset system, chassis … the company is always at the forefront of applying the best things for its cars. Therefore, you can get a bike that fully gathers the elite in the market of bicycles from Giant brand.

3. Genuine dealer system is wide

This is a particularly good advantage from this bicycle brand, because when you have a wide care and maintenance system throughout the country you can enjoy good after-sales services. This is a guarantee of the quality of this model.


How much is the price of Giant bike?

Compared to other brands such as Galaxy bicycles, Trinx bicycles, Jett … it is clear that the price of Giant bike is more expensive from a few thousand dollars in the same vehicle configuration.

Top 3 best fornix bike lines 2018

Here are the 3 most popular fornix models that are most popular in the market you can refer:

1. Bicycle fornix MS50

First of all, the outstanding feature of the MS50 has a nice curved rib design, a sporty look. Especially preferred because this design is for young people to go to school, go out and light exercise with friends.

In addition to the color of the car, it is covered with a very fashionable stamp, each color of the car is a marvel of the designer to meet the different styles in the personality of the young people.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix ms50\

About the composition of the thread, there are 21 variable speeds, equivalent to the last 7 and 3 previous disks. 21 Speed ​​is not so much but enough to make you experience different types of bikes when going uphill, downhill, or road.

Another note worthy point is that the upgrade of bicycles with all the front and rear axles is a better quality Shimano thread. The front and rear wheels of the 24 inch size, have many lines and diameters that allow the road. Fornix MS50’s built-in accessory is available with the slider, the baga kit for easy installation or dismantling options. Higher quality, better appearance and especially price.

2. Bicycle fornix BM703

Despite the appearance of the off-road vehicle, BM703 was dubbed the iron horse because of the highlights in this fornix BM703 is not too difficult to see because the car has a larger frame than the same type of car, will fit all the sitting posture of people running this car

In particular, the foot can stretch straight and back gently when running. Wheel with many slot grooves sticking to help drive the road, even though the crabs will help limit your support to move smoothly on difficult and bumpy terrain.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix BM703

And the frame is made of sturdy, sturdy carbon material for the bike people. On the frame of the car, the logo is printed in a youthful and sporty way, equipped with a 24-speed speed switch with 3 discs. before and 7 shots

Help you experience a variety of different bike styles, to move flexibly in many ways. With the size of the 26 inch 24-speed transmission, this car is very well-equipped in a very affordable price.

3. Bicycle fornix BT301

Next is the fornix BT301 with a unique aerodynamic design, equipped with strong iron rib cage with high-tech welds. Along with the stamp is designed to be pointed backwards, creating a feeling of blowing the wind forward.

In addition, the combination of car stamps and rib colors creates harmony that creates an overall attraction at first sight. Safe disc brakes, horizontal recording sure by design engineers equipped with two front and rear disc brakes.

This can help you be able to travel freely at a fast pace or you can move in difficult sections of traffic. Because the disc brake helps the driver to stop the car quickly and safely

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix BT301

Accompanying it is the speed switch and handle made of rubberized plastic that is smooth and firm. By Shielded hands are attached on the handle bars is just a highlight of the design, and can protect your hand when there is a collision or slipping.

The 21-speed optimum motion gives the driver a variety of different cycling and speed experiences. Each speed will match different terrain and is suitable for the purpose of the riders.

For example, when you need to climb a slope or bad conditions, you need to adjust the pedal slightly, lose less energy, and when you need to cycle to exercise, you need to adjust the number of heavier cycles to consume.

In addition, the car is equipped with special 700c wheels to race, along with a pair of 3cm versions designed to blow the wind for this type of 700c wheel to reduce friction so you can achieve speed max without excessive effort.

Messi, Pique, Fabregas and electric bike hobby

Not the luxury box cars, expensive supercars, the football stars of Barcelona and Spain now have found new pleasures for themselves with the… electric bikes.

Croatia’s famous electric car company – Greyp Bikes has just made the world soccer stars dead to death after launching the latest electric bicycle model G12S. This is the fact that these famous players including Lionel Messi, Gerrard Pique and Cesc Fabregas are the fans of this feature car.

Known as the most famous electric car company in the world, Greyp Bikes’ bike are excelled by luxurious styling, superior speed, powerful battery and suitable for all terrain. Mate Rimac – the father of the G12S, has just designed for the three stars who meet special versions of this electric bike.

Pique’s bike as a replacement for this player expressed his affection for Barcelona club when wearing his traditional shirt color. The player also had another version of the bike used to go to Barca’s training session on Tuesday. Pique was more and more motivated to ride an electric bicycle in the context that he was suspended from driving license because of a traffic violation.

Cesc Fabregas adorns his bike with the Spanish national shirt. Meanwhile, superstar Lionel Messi is outstanding when riding the bike bearing his name on the white background of the Tango team.

Judging by the G12S bike, Mate Rimac said that: “Greyp G12S is a living proof of how super bicycle technology can create a completely new and exciting product – G12S”.

In Power mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h while in Street mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with European traffic laws.

Not only serving soccer stars, Greyp Bikes is also honored to design the E-Type Jaguar pick up the bride during the marriage of the Prince of England – Harry and Princess Meghan.