Formula 1 stars and their love of Cycling

The sports of Formula 1 and professional cycling have an ethos that is carved out the same piece of rock – the desire to be the fastest competitor in the race.

Both F1 and cycling are highly technical sports, thus highlighting why there is such a strong bond between the two disciplines.

Many F1 stars have an interest in cycling, both in the sport itself or as a way of maintaining the fitness levels required to withstand the rigours of motorsport.

Read on as we look at two top F1 drivers who have enjoyed strong links with cycling.

Alain Prost

The Frenchman is widely recognised as one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1. Prost was a four-time world champion who won 51 races in the sport during his F1 career.

He enjoyed the most success in France and Brazil, securing top spot on the podium on six occasions in each country.

Prost continued to have involvement in F1 behind the scenes, but also branched out onto two wheels by competing in eight bike races including the Granite – Mont Lozere where he finished third.

Back in 2017, he collaborated with Swiss firm Richard Mille to develop a mechanical watch designed specifically for cycling.

He currently remains a keen cyclist, despite favouring other training activities during the majority of his career in F1.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has long held an affinity with cycling, using it as a way to boost his fitness levels for the unique demands of F1.

His love of two wheels has previously led him to spend the off-season in Los Angeles, taking the opportunity to grab some sun while hitting the roads or mountain trails on his bike.

The Australian star believes that cycling is the perfect way to prepare for what is undoubtedly a gruelling campaign in F1.

“If you don’t start the season on the front foot, you’re constantly chasing it because there’s not enough time,” he said.

“You’ve got media commitments, you’ve got races, travelling, so it’s super important to maximise this free time to build your base for the year.”