Is judging the quality of Giant bike good?

For bikers, owning a quality bike is very important and branding is the first problem when consumers want to buy a good bike.

Giant bike is a name that is considered by many people when there is a need to buy a good quality sport bike with reasonable price, affordable. However, the quality of Giant bicycles is good is a question many people ask.

Giant country bicycle originated from?

Giant is a world-famous bicycle brand from Taiwan, which has a worldwide market system from the US and Europe to Asian countries. Giant bicycle originated from Taiwan, this is a bicycle brand established in 1972 by Liu King in Taichung, Taiwan.


With market expansion, Giant now has a factory in China, Taiwan and Neitherland. Moreover, the company also takes advantage and imports many parts from professional manufacturers like Shimano.

Is the quality of Giant sports bikes good?

Speaking of quality, this bike converges the essence of many car brands around the world, so you will find a popular bike with advantages such as:

1. Diverse types

Giant is one of the companies that diversify the leading bicycle lines in the market with racing bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Giant bicycles …


And with each category of bicycles, the company also targets people with different ages and genders. Therefore, you can easily choose a Giant bike that suits your needs.

2. Good quality

From small parts such as tires, tires, to groupset system, chassis … the company is always at the forefront of applying the best things for its cars. Therefore, you can get a bike that fully gathers the elite in the market of bicycles from Giant brand.

3. Genuine dealer system is wide

This is a particularly good advantage from this bicycle brand, because when you have a wide care and maintenance system throughout the country you can enjoy good after-sales services. This is a guarantee of the quality of this model.


How much is the price of Giant bike?

Compared to other brands such as Galaxy bicycles, Trinx bicycles, Jett … it is clear that the price of Giant bike is more expensive from a few thousand dollars in the same vehicle configuration.