Messi, Pique, Fabregas and electric bike hobby

Not the luxury box cars, expensive supercars, the football stars of Barcelona and Spain now have found new pleasures for themselves with the… electric bikes.

Croatia’s famous electric car company – Greyp Bikes has just made the world soccer stars dead to death after launching the latest electric bicycle model G12S. This is the fact that these famous players including Lionel Messi, Gerrard Pique and Cesc Fabregas are the fans of this feature car.

Known as the most famous electric car company in the world, Greyp Bikes’ bike are excelled by luxurious styling, superior speed, powerful battery and suitable for all terrain. Mate Rimac – the father of the G12S, has just designed for the three stars who meet special versions of this electric bike.

Pique’s bike as a replacement for this player expressed his affection for Barcelona club when wearing his traditional shirt color. The player also had another version of the bike used to go to Barca’s training session on Tuesday. Pique was more and more motivated to ride an electric bicycle in the context that he was suspended from driving license because of a traffic violation.

Cesc Fabregas adorns his bike with the Spanish national shirt. Meanwhile, superstar Lionel Messi is outstanding when riding the bike bearing his name on the white background of the Tango team.

Judging by the G12S bike, Mate Rimac said that: “Greyp G12S is a living proof of how super bicycle technology can create a completely new and exciting product – G12S”.

In Power mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h while in Street mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with European traffic laws.

Not only serving soccer stars, Greyp Bikes is also honored to design the E-Type Jaguar pick up the bride during the marriage of the Prince of England – Harry and Princess Meghan.