Covid-19 helps revitalize bicycle sharing service in China

The two leading bike-sharing apps in China, Mobike and Hellobike, have both witnessed impressive sales growth between the new strain of coronavirus.

In the past two years, the bike-sharing service has been paralyzed in China after the boom. Millions of bikes are thrown into landfills. However, the South China Morning Post reports that Chinese bike-sharing companies are seeing impressive sales growth as the Covid-19 epidemic restricts urban commuting.

On social media, many Chinese say bicycles allow them to travel in open spaces without having to interact with anyone around them.

According to Xinhua, even an expert at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that this is the form of public transport with the lowest risk of coronary virus infection.

The interest of users is helping to revive bike-sharing companies in China in difficult times, especially in the Wuhan epidemic center (Hubei province).

Hellobike, one of China’s largest bike-sharing providers, said trips over 3 km tripled on Jan. 22 and January 24, when Wuhan closed public transport service.

The proportion of trips around hospitals, supermarkets and food markets increased by 5% compared to before the outbreak. Not only in Wuhan, bike-sharing companies are also making a profit in China.

Hellobike said the trip longer than 3 km nationwide has doubled over the same period last year. Meituan, the owner of the bike brand Mobike, also announced that the number of trips longer than 3 km doubled from a month earlier.

Didi, the company that owns Qingju Bike, said the number of trips has increased by more than 150% nationwide since early February.

However, analysts say this is only a temporary revival. The recent increase does not mean that users will stick with the bike sharing service when things are back to normal.

“However, in the long run, this industry is still difficult to recover and develop. When the epidemic is under control and the situation returns to normal, consumers will return to their old migration habits. ”

The bike-sharing service in China boomed sharply in 2017 and 2018. However, the service was in recession, leading to mass bankruptcies. Giant bicycle cemeteries spring up like mushrooms all over the country.

Sun Naiyue, an analyst at Analysys, said the disease is a good opportunity for bike-sharing companies to prove their value.

The growth may not last long because people still require comfort, time and convenience when traveling. And they are back again with buses and subways.

Mr. Sun added that the new strain of coronavirus could also make users pay more attention to the electric bicycle sharing service.

Looking for the racing bike Contend SL 1

Contend SL 1 was born not only to attract customers by popular prices but also by design and features that are getting better and better.

As a product in the list of racing bikes of the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and accessories, Contend SL 1 is distributed and trusted in many Asian and European markets. Contend SL 1 increasingly affirmed its position in the village of racing bikes, last April this bike model was rated 4.5/5 stars by Bikeradar magazine, its members rated them as knowledgeable experts. On racing bikes, there is an objective assessment and each product is thoroughly inspected by Bikeradar about aesthetics and aesthetic ability.

Contend SL 1 is really an impressive racing bike, the overall weight of the car under 9kg is quite suitable for the purpose of training or playing in professional racing competitions.


Contend SL 1 creates more confidence for users thanks to the frame made of Aluxx SL (Super Light) aluminum material, according to the level, this advanced material is lighter in weight than steel, and is very durable. Rusting extends the life of the product. The firmness and firmness of Aluxx SL new aluminum material creates more favorable conditions when climbing, breaking, sprinting to the finish. The Contend SL 1 has a geometric balance feature that helps the car move at a faster pace than other conventional racing bikes. Along with that is the Hybrid Composite fork set that makes the car move more smoothly, reducing the vibration from the road surface.

V-brake type mechanical brake works well, maximum clamping force is higher than other types of brakes, strong and able to control maximum, V brake is easy to assemble and maintain. The entire cable is threaded inside the frame, increasing the aesthetics of the vehicle. This configuration ensures users have good experiences, meeting the needs of simple daily use with stable multitasking capabilities.


Record Giant Connect with solidity, help riders curl around the track smoothly and accurately. Sport boosters provide comfort and timely help for the accelerator postures of the riders.

Contend SL 1 owns aluminum braces Giant PR-2 combined with Giant Gavia AC 2 cover size 700x25c, tubeless form avoids sudden pressure loss and can self-patch when rolling sharp objects. The seat is comfortable, the material is smooth, airy, high stability. Besides, the saddle has a limited ability like a squirrel when moving through rough roads, potholes on the road, helping people pedal more excitement on the long road.


Accompanied by a smooth saddle, the saddle is easily raised and lowered in accordance with the height of each pedal, with a fast opening lock made by a moderate thrust that can adjust the height of the saddle car. The saddle integrates D-Fuse technology to absorb the vibrations and bring good experiences on the road.

Contend SL 1 2018 has two basic colors: black/blue and white/orange, both versions are very elegant and time-consuming.

Which sports bike brands we should buy?

Perhaps this is a question that most people ask when they are thinking of finding their first sports bike. This question is really broad and it is hard to answer which one is the best, even for a long-time cyclist.

1. Giant bike:

This is a very famous brand of Taiwan, is a giant in the bicycle industry, has participated in many races around the world and also achieved certain achievements. Giant bikes have been in Vietnam for a long time (about 10 years or so, I don’t remember exactly), with a full range of racing bikes, terrain vehicles to city bikes, children bikes, folding bikes and even electric bike with many rich models.


Giant bikes currently have a lot of counterfeit products, you must buy very carfully, so buy in reputable shops that are appreciated by the ae on forums or invested with professional websites, submitted products. clearly displayed, with real photos and especially with the price listed publicly, absolutely avoid shops not clearly priced.

2. TrinX Bicycles:

TrinX is a mainstream bicycle brand in the top 3 leading brands of China along with Phonix (phoenix) or Forever (Eternal). I personally appreciate TrinX more than the other two because of its superior quality and style. The strength of TrinX bikes is the very good price compared to the quality of the bike. Cheap but still spare parts of famous brands such as Shimano, Sram, Quando, Maxis, Tektro, Novatec, Kenda …


The design of TrinX is also constantly changing, every year the company releases new beautiful models and improves quality. Therefore, when imported to Vietnam, many products were quickly received. However, the limitation of TrinX is that the high-end models are still diverse and do not have an official distribution system, but are imported and self-guaranteed by shops. Therefore, when choosing to buy TrinX bicycles you must choose reputable and long-term shops with good service to be warranted and maintained in accordance with standards. Avoid home-shop, the price may be a bit cheaper due to the cost of space and manpower, but there will be no after-sales service.

3. Galaxy bike:


This is TrinX’s late-born brother. A part of TrinX’s design team has separated to work for the Galaxy so that you can see the style and style of the Galaxy bicycle bearing the direction of TrinX. However, Galaxy is also shaping its style by hiring European design engineers such as Russia and Italy to come up with ideas and design high-end models according to international standards.

Top 3 best electric bike models in the market

You are in need of a vehicle for you to travel in a more convenient way, instead of walking or being crowded with busy buses every day. And you do not like the bulky of motorcycles.

So electric bicycles are the best choice for that. Electric bicycles or electric scooters are one of the most highly rated motor vehicles in terms of usability and savings.

And once you’ve decided to buy, the biggest question is which one to buy? Is Hkbike electric bicycle, Xmen electric bike or Yamaha electric bicycle brand,… Which type will ensure the factors of affordable price, reputable firm, good quality, and fuel economy?

The answer will be in the top 3 best electric bicycle models that are currently the most popular:

1. Xmen

You are a female but prefer speed and personality, the Xmen electric bike will be the most accurate choice. With extremely stylish design, outstanding with the new model launched in 2016 – Xmen Sport is no different than a miniature motorcycle. So quickly attracted hundreds of young people to scramble to own.


Because it is an electric motorcycle, the speed is determined from 50 – 55km/h so that it can move the distance of 80 – 100 km on a single charge (if you want slower speed but the same company, you can replace it with a bike electric pedal Xmen).

If you pay attention, the Xmen electric bike has a fairly large foot space for footing the necessary goods. In addition, two side mirrors will help you observe, increase traffic safety.

2. Nijia

Next is the best and most popular electric bike model today – Nijia brand from Taiwan, very interesting appearance, small tops. Therefore, it is often used by students of secondary and high school age.


Biking a prestigious brand in the market, the most impressive point in Nijia is the classic bike design with a special box on the front, a low saddle, and can open the trunk like an ultra-luxurious motorbike.

At the same time, there is an electronic clock at the front of the vehicle, a sturdy frame and good anti-rust powder coating. Users will have to be assured of the exterior durability as well as the inner quality of the Nijia electric bike.

3. Yamaha

Durable design, trendy, sophisticated to every detail. Yamaha brand gives users absolute confidence in both quality and quantity.


Although there are many competing products on the market today, Yamaha still maintains its style by continuously launching more innovative products and more customer appreciation programs.

If you are a fan of sophistication, then Yamaha electric bikes will satisfy your visual needs from the first sight. Even the spokes were painted glossy and silver. The system of bikets with lids, with locking wheels is the absolute protection for your assets in the present day.

Compare 24-inch Fornix mountain bikes and Galaxy ML200 sports bikes

In this article, we will help you compare two products: the 24-inch Fornix mountain bike and the Galaxy ML200 sports bike.

Okay, it’s time to find out!

1. 24-inch Fornix mountain bike

Product information:

  • Frame: Carbon steel alloy frame (size S 36cm)
  • Starter kit: 21 SUNWARO speed
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Rims: 24 Inches
  • Chains: PYC
  • Tire: UMELEN anti stab
  • Pedals: YCLP

Fornix sports bike with FT24 model is designed for teenagers, the design is not too picky, the frame is made of high-strength steel alloy, small frame fit for the teen to climb up and down easily.

Fornix is ​​a well-known sports bike company with 2 standard 24-inch wheels, 2-layer aluminum rims combined with thick tires to reduce the percentage of tire tanks caused by rolling.

Fornix tire surface with many deep grooves and spikes increases the traction rate to help you move easily on uneven roads without having to worry about slipping even when it is raining.

The fork is shock-absorbing and high-strength, helping the steering wheel stay steady when passing through potholes or rough gravel roads.

The 21-speed gearbox with 3 front discs and 7 rear wheels gives you the freedom to experience speed steps when cycling to school, work, play or exercise.

The highlight of the Fornix sports bike line is the horn-like horizontal handlebar, disc brakes mounted on the handlebars, the saddle can be raised and lowered simply, the rear seat can also be removed and attached flexibly and extremely convenient.

Fornix FT-24 terrain bike with youthful color design, sporty style, outstanding quality deserves to be a close companion on all your journeys.

2. Galaxy ML200 sports bike

Product information:

  • Frame: Aluminum alloy size 26”x17” (for people 1m6-1m75)
  • Damping: Toughened steel
  • Movement: SHIMANO ST-EF51, 21 speeds
  • FD-TZ30, RD-TZ50, MF-TZ21 14-28T
  • Brakes: Alloy disc brakes, sporty style
  • Rim: Galaxy 2-layer aluminum alloy
  • Tire: Galaxy 26″x1.95″ sporty design
  • Color: Blue/Black/White…

Galaxy sports bikes are designed simply, uniquely and personality, with glossy paint colors, imprinted stamps imprinted close to each other, the frame is quite large and firm, textured wheels help better grip the road, especially the difficult terrain such as mountains.

Smooth leather seat saddle brings the most comfortable feeling with long journeys, disc hinges combined with chains provide large gear ratios to help the gear changes more accurate.

The bike is equipped with a case and all parts are from Shimano so the quality is guaranteed, disc brakes on the front and rear wheels help the driver to control the best speed.

Smooth leather seat saddle brings the most comfortable feeling with long journeys, disc hinges combined with chains provide large gear ratios to help the gear changes more accurate.

The sportbike is equipped with wheels and all components are from Shimano so the quality is guaranteed, disc brakes on the front and rear wheels help the driver to control the best speed.

Top 5 best bicycle brands in the world

Bicycles are the most used vehicle worldwide. The bike is quite easy to use and also not too expensive. Bicycles are also great for those who want to exercise.

There are many brands in the world that produce bicycles in all price ranges to create affordable prices for all walks of life.

The following are the top 5 best bicycle brands in the world and also the most expensive bicycle brands.


Merida is a very famous brand of mountain biking and looks very stylish. There is a manufacturing company called Merida Industry Co which is known for designing, manufacturing and selling fashionable and expensive bicycles around the world. It is a Taiwanese brand that started working in this field in 1972 by Ike Tseng. He is a very famous engineer who founded this brand and is currently working to bring up thousands of mountain bikes with different colors and models.



GT is a very famous American brand known all over the world. The company was founded by Dorel company, basically a company from Canada. It is very famous for its high-end and expensive mountain bikes, BMX and long-distance bikes. The company started production in 1979, in collaboration with two people, Richard Long and Gary Turner in 1998, parting again in 2001. The bike is stylish and has many other colors.


Scott is famous for cycling bikes and is a desirable brand worldwide. Its bikes have a stylish design as well as reliable quality. It is a Swiss company that produces various types of bicycles, winter sports equipment, sports equipment as well as sports racing equipment. The company was founded by Ed Scott, who worked in Sun Valley in 1958. For the first time in history, the brand has produced aluminum skis, a great accomplishment for the brand.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a very popular bicycle brand in the world for premium bikes. This company is a brand from California. Recently they have launched the latest bike for cycling teams and are famous all over the world. The company started manufacturing in this field in 1993 by two people, Rich Novak and Rob Roskopp. Its bikes with the latest styles and affordable prices are the appeal of this brand.



Specialized is also one of the best and most famous bicycle brands in the world. The official name of this brand is Specialized Bicycle Accessories. This brand started working in the bicycle field in 1974. The founder of this brand is Mike Sinyard. This is the only brand involved in creating bikes and accessories that are only suitable for its bikes and are very successful in this area. Their products are also imported and exported to other countries making products available all over the world and products at all price ranges suitable for all classes in society.

Formula 1 stars and their love of Cycling

The sports of Formula 1 and professional cycling have an ethos that is carved out the same piece of rock – the desire to be the fastest competitor in the race.

Both F1 and cycling are highly technical sports, thus highlighting why there is such a strong bond between the two disciplines.

Many F1 stars have an interest in cycling, both in the sport itself or as a way of maintaining the fitness levels required to withstand the rigours of motorsport.

Read on as we look at two top F1 drivers who have enjoyed strong links with cycling.

Alain Prost

The Frenchman is widely recognised as one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1. Prost was a four-time world champion who won 51 races in the sport during his F1 career.

He enjoyed the most success in France and Brazil, securing top spot on the podium on six occasions in each country.

Prost continued to have involvement in F1 behind the scenes, but also branched out onto two wheels by competing in eight bike races including the Granite – Mont Lozere where he finished third.

Back in 2017, he collaborated with Swiss firm Richard Mille to develop a mechanical watch designed specifically for cycling.

He currently remains a keen cyclist, despite favouring other training activities during the majority of his career in F1.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has long held an affinity with cycling, using it as a way to boost his fitness levels for the unique demands of F1.

His love of two wheels has previously led him to spend the off-season in Los Angeles, taking the opportunity to grab some sun while hitting the roads or mountain trails on his bike.

The Australian star believes that cycling is the perfect way to prepare for what is undoubtedly a gruelling campaign in F1.

“If you don’t start the season on the front foot, you’re constantly chasing it because there’s not enough time,” he said.

“You’ve got media commitments, you’ve got races, travelling, so it’s super important to maximise this free time to build your base for the year.”

Top 4 most expensive bicycles on the planet

These are not ordinary bicycles, one of which was created for the super-rich.

The most expensive bike in the world? Obviously, these are not ordinary bikes to ride or sport. The most expensive bike is the high-end version of Beverly Hills Hills made of 24k pure gold and worth $1 million. Of course, this piece of art is a truly luxurious means capable of surprising even very wealthy people.

We have listed the 4 most expensive bicycles in the world today.

1. Lamborghini Cervelo P5X

Lamborghini, famous for its expensive cars, has teamed up with Cervelo and launched a new and innovative P5X. Riders who want to buy this bike need to be aware that only 25 exclusive P5X models will be produced and available on the market. Minimalistic, handy and compact – these are a few adjectives we can think of when we first glimpse this wonderful machine. This model is priced at $ 20,000.

2. Aston Martin ONE-77 Factor Cycle

 Aston Martin ONE-77 Factor Cycle is priced at $ 39,000 (902 million). The internationally renowned sports car brand has teamed up with Factor Bikes to launch the One-77 Factor Cycle – the candidate for the most expensive racing bike in this category. This bike is aimed at car enthusiasts and collectors.


The frame is sleek, stylish and very luxurious. Completed with high-tech and advanced technology features, the One-77 model combines sensors, carbon fiber construction, and powerful aerodynamic support. It even has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you entertained throughout the journey.

3. Chrome Hearts x Cervelo

This limited edition luxury bike of Chrome Hearts was built in collaboration with Cervelo. The chassis has patented designs for Chrome Hearts – from cute heart designs to jewel-encrusted models.


With carbon black, the car looks luxurious, elegant and frank, as if it were a work of art galleries, not on the road. Of course, the bike is priced super expensive, and only owned by super-rich bike collectors.

4. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond

Trek Madone is a popular name in the bicycle industry, favored by bike enthusiasts and adventurers. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond sports bike looks professional, equipped with a set of super modern features.


An interesting fact is that for the first time the car was auctioned at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala and was priced up to $75,000. Right from the name of the Trek Madne 7- Diamond has given us a basic visual look of the car, carbon fiber frame and gemstones.

3 famous bicycle brands you should buy

For those who are just starting to learn about bicycles, especially the sportbike line, you need to know about world-famous bicycle brands.

Summary of the top 3 world-famous sports bike series below will give you an overview and easier to choose for yourself a quality bike, consistent personality and meet the personal financial ability.

1. Scott bicycle

Scott is a famous American bicycle manufacturer founded by engineer Ed Scott in 1958.

In 1989, Scott introduced one of the most important innovations in bicycle history on the market – the aerodynamic handlebars. This steering wheel was used by Greg LeMond in his 1989 Tour de France victory. In 1992, Scott released the world’s first full mountain bike. In 2001 they launched CR1, a road bike frame, weighing 895 grams which were the lightest frame at the time.


Currently, Scott is trusted by many people for its reliable quality and eye-catching designs. In addition, this famous bicycle brand has registered in history as the first place to produce aluminum sleds.

2. Santa Cruz bicycle

Santa Cruz ranks fourth among world-renowned bicycle manufacturers, is a premium bike manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, USA – founded by Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez and Rich Novak in 1993. Their bikes always have the latest and affordable styles, which is a notable attraction about this brand.


3. Marin bike

Marin is the world’s most famous and best bike manufacturer founded in Marin County, California, USA in 1986. The company specializes in mountain bikes but also offers a number of other variants. Many bike models are named after locations in and around Marin County.

Marin’s first bike was the Madrone Trail. In 1988, the Marin Team Titanium bike became the industry’s first leading mountain bike. At this time Marin began to name the model after Marin County landmarks, including Muirwoods, Bolinas Ridge, Pine Mountain, Indian Fire Trail, Eldridge Grade, and Hidden Canyon.


In recent years, the Marin brand has maintained a focus on providing a range of models for both trails and sidewalks, including bicycles with carbon fiber construction.

A guide to betting on bike racing in professional races

Cycling is also one of the most popular sports and betting. Tour de France in which the tournament is most interested fans.

In addition, there are many other tournaments where players can participate in betting throughout the year. Tour de France is just one of many opportunities that players can take advantage of the online betting industry. Professional tournaments offer plenty of betting opportunities on three Grand Tournaments, many short races and countless races that last just one day.

Understand the race


One thing that is always important when betting is to understand the different types of tournaments. Players also need to check the odds offered by the bookmakers to better understand the tournament they intend to take part in. Please visit reputable online casinos sites like Mansion88 to get the latest odds. Players can also closely monitor the performance of professional riders by following them on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. From these jobs, players will get an overall rating of the top riders they intend to bet. Professional cycling is often divided into three types of tournaments: one-day tournaments, short-track tournaments and extended Grand Tours. Depending on the conditions of the player, choose a race that suits your financial ability and time.

Guide to betting on bike racing

There are many different ways to bet when cycling betting. Just like sports betting, players have the opportunity to place bets in different markets with different forms of bets.

Bicycle racing bets 1 × 2 – this is the simplest and most popular bet type for players to understand the cost of a bet. 1 × 2 bets are bets on the team or driver who will win the course or the whole race. Betting sites like M88 also have a form of futures betting – meaning the player will bet on the team or the driver before the tournament starts, and when you win you will be overwhelmed with the money you collect!


The secret to success when betting on cycling

When participating in cycling betting, as mentioned above players need to study thoroughly to grasp the highest chance of winning. It is also important to know the abilities of the drivers we care about. Such information is abundant on the internet, players can easily find the performance of the riders in the previous tournament.

One objective factor that can greatly affect the outcome of a tournament is the weather. Players need to assess the racing history of racers when competing under different weather conditions to help players get an overview of all aspects affecting the final results of the race.