What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 1)

For newcomers who are thinking about cycling, the choice of a bike is not about style, design, but it depends on the purpose of the bike, the budget to buy it, and the configuration. So what are the criteria when you buy a bike? Let’s find out what newbies need to know when they intend to buy a bike!


Mountain bicycles (MTB)

If you are a cyclist, or simply prefer the bunker sized bike, terrain bike will be the choice for you. Mountain bikes have bigger, thicker wheels with lots of interlocking spikes to aid in overcoming obstacles, so run fast on potholes or crushed rock. just a small thing. Besides, you should choose Hardtail terrain vehicle (1 fork) will help bring comfort and convenience to carry things than the 2-fork (Full-suspension). However, mountain bike lines are usually heavier so it takes more effort to cycle.

Road Bike

Contrary to the street and mountain bike, road bicycles generally focus on speed, suitable for those who love the feeling of surfing at high speed. However, most road bikes have a pair of wheels so fragile so tire wear or tear is easy. Therefore, if you intend to choose a road bike for cycling, you should bring spare tires and guts. Besides, you must be very careful when cycling road because they are easy to slip when wet surface conditions.

Street Bike

Street bikes put more emphasis on comfort and convenience when integrating the paga part to carry things. Typically, street bikes are designed with a solid aluminum or steel frame, with universal transmission and horizontal handlebars. This makes it easy to change the seating position, bringing usability and ease of use for everyone. Besides, the wheels are solid because there are 36 spokes or more. So the problem of spokes fracture or curved rim almost does not occur. Suitable street wheel sizes are 700c x 28, or 700c x 36.

Galaxy MS4 model – the beautiful mountain bike from Galaxy

Sports style, high shape, beautiful and fashionable with youngsters of the Galaxy MS4 terrain bike originating from Taiwan to meet all requirements of users.

From aesthetics to durability, good configuration, the life of genuine Galaxy terrain bikes lasts without maintenance. Buy Galaxy MS4 terrain bike is the No.1 choice for you to confidently and comfortably ride anywhere.

The new innovation of cheap Galaxy MS4 terrain bike is much more excited and loved by bicycle enthusiasts. This vehicle does not release smog is environmentally friendly but very safe to use. Although the speed is not equal to the types of motorbikes and cars, the advantages of bicycles are many. For example, no air pollution, no traffic congestion, quick cleaning, easy maintenance, low cost, good durability…


Integrating other advanced capabilities, the Galaxy MS4 genuine imported terrain bike has an aluminum frame with an electrostatic painting of 3 layers of 26”x17” size, eye-catching design, higher configuration regular bike lines, traditional bicycles. Galaxy MS4 kicks all hillside, climbing and steep slopes, changing the speed of Shimano M312 3×8 quick release. Oil brake handle Shimano M355 is also very light, very compact, just need to squeeze the brakes slightly, not pull the car but compact the car. Configuration high life, modern Galaxy MS4 terrain bike sells for more than $200 suitable for the economic conditions of every household with children to go to school and students.


Accompanying you to all places conveniently, fast wheel rotation speed, large size high-end terrain bike wheels with a closed bearing shaft. Bicycle safety, smoothness, more comfortable with hard lock and retractable cruise lock and Kenda tire wheel with high grip, durable. Modern design, Galaxy MS4 terrain bike for very masculine and beautiful men with average height from 1m6 to 1m8. It is possible to lower the yen with short-legged girls but still very personal and dynamic.