What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 2)


The purpose of cycling will be the first factor to help you choose for yourself a suitable bike. If you’re just a bike rider for everyday activities like going to school, working, or just taking part in health workouts, street bikes or one-off scooters will be choose for you. However, if you wish to participate in professional road cycling, then cycling bikes will be the right choice for you.


Frame is considered as the soul of the bike, greatly affecting the performance of a bike. It can be said that at present, the material used to produce bicycle frames is mostly Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon.

Aluminum Chassis

First of all, it is an aluminum material that is a common and popular material in the bicycle industry because it is light, strong, and easy to weld. Currently, there are a lot of famous brands using aluminum welding technology in manufacturing bikes. In particular, it can be said to be Specialized, a well-known bicycle company by D ‘Aluisio Smartwell welding technology which helps to limit the pressure on the frame from the appropriate distribution of the tube connector.

Steel Frame

Steel has long been a popular material since the 1980s. Although somewhat heavier than aluminum and carbon, it is still a good choice that feels more compact and more solid.

Carbon Chassis

Finally, it is Carbon, the most advanced material that has been widely applied to road bikes. Because it has not only extremely durable interwoven structure, but also extremely flexible, light and strong. Because of its superiority, the price of Carbon bikes is also much higher than other models. Because they focus solely on performance and serve the purpose of professional cycling. However, aluminum is still a very good choice if you are new to cycling on the road!