Bicycles are always friendly with people and all ages. Passion for speed conquest is no longer exclusively for men, but it has become more popular for women.

Let’s find out how to choose the right car for women so you can have great journeys!

1. The distinction between male and female sports racing bikes

The most fundamental difference between male and female sports bikes is the shorter distance between the saddle and the handlebars, the size of female sports bikes is usually smaller. The upper frame of the female vehicle is usually lower to fit the female physique. In addition, other differences lie in shorter rolls and steering wheels.

Choosing the right vehicle plays a very important role in the training process, especially with the hip, thigh and back muscles. The right bike will help you sit comfortably, bring great experiences.


2. Select female sport bikes of appropriate height

There are suggestions that a high bike option will make it easier to move, but when the car is high, your foot from the saddle cannot reach the ground will make it difficult for you to move as good balance.

Make sure that the distance from the buttocks when sitting on the saddle to the ground matches your leg length, thus ensuring your safety throughout the journey. As well as helping the body have timely reflexes in unexpected cases.

3. Should choose a bicycle horizontal

Horizontal alignment is a general design for female bicycles. Because the sports bike line is shorter, the short reach to the handle makes you feel more comfortable during the journey.


4. Wide saddle, handlebar and small brake arm

When choosing a bike, you also need to pay attention to the steering wheel and the brake arm, which is small, fits the hand so that it can be adjusted to better when moving at any speed.

In addition, the rear section of the saddle is wider so that it can fit into the female’s wide sitting bones. A vehicle with a moderate weight also helps you save energy while traveling.


5. Some other notes

For other bikes available, you need to adjust some of the small details of the car to be more suitable for yourself such as:

– Adjust the height of the seat

– Change hand gap type

– Choose short thighs

– Adjust the reach of the brake system

– Change the type of saddle for women.