Sports bike model for the elderly

Today life grows so many people are concerned about their health so they have chosen methods to practice sports.

Particularly for elderly people, bicycling plays a role as an exercise to help them improve their cardiovascular status, preventing diabetes complications from high blood pressure and improving bone and joint health.

The selection of sports bikes is also not difficult, in the following article, we will introduce you to the bike model TW3000 2018 – a suitable choice for the elderly.

Twitter is a famous German bicycle brand, produced on a modern technological line, with a sturdy frame, quality accessories selected from third parties such as Shimano and Sram because of this you complete It can be more reassuring with the ability to move sustainably on long distances.


TW3000 2018 with a robust design possesses an incomparable configuration of Giant, with the same configuration you can buy cheaper than the Giant ATX610. The chassis is made entirely of quality aluminum alloy material 7005, without welds with high rigidity and rigidity, withstands good impact with oxidizing agents to help you resist corrosion at level maximum over time.

Equipped with TW2.0 oil fork system with retractable lock with a smart control function, you can have smart controls on different types of terrain. With hydraulic dampers you will feel more comfortable walking on terrain like undulating trails.

The disc with 3 42-34-24T discs with the ability to provide stronger transmission force makes the revs become strong and healthy. Sports body disc with rotor spokes has effective heat dissipation function, increase braking effect. You can absolutely get the amazing transfer capability in safety.

Motion system is highly rated with 21-speed system with the combination of Shimano ST-EF500 21 Speed ​​with the previous MicroSHIFT FD-M20 and the following Shimano Tourney RD-TZ50 more flexible and flexible conversion on complex technical terrain helps users be more proactive.


In addition, sports leather saddle also helps limit fatigue, avoiding the ability to insert blood vessels when traveling with long distances.

Our above comments will be the most useful knowledge you need to grasp. So you need to be able to choose the best sports bike to make your journeys more wonderful than ever. Refer to more professional car players to get the most useful advice!