Bikes and COVID-19: Giant cannot catch up with the high demand from customers (part 2)

Giant shut down factories in China for 1.5 months when Covid-19 broke out in the country. After that, Europe and America also started to blockade, importers canceled their orders.

Ms. Tu said that sales in the US started to increase again in March. Currently all of Giant’s factories are operating at almost full capacity. However, despite people rushing to buy bicycles, she calmly did not increase the scale of production. This female leader does not believe that the new love that the world for cycling can last longer than the pandemic. It was only sooner or later, she said.

Ms. Tu’s careful business is evidenced by her carefree lifestyle. At the age of 70, she is full of energy and spirit. She cycles three times a week and has completed four laps on the island of Taiwan. She also boasts that she had completed triathlon for the first time at the age of 60.

Like any good long-distance cyclist, Ms. Tu knows how to adjust her speed by herself. She did not worry that Chinese rivals might try to take advantage of cheap bicycles. The pandemic revived one of China’s largest bike-producing towns, which was shut down last year after the country’s bike-sharing bubble exploded.

Ms. Tu said it is difficult to understand why Chinese business owners seem to believe their customers are only concerned with price, not quality. Her concern when it comes to China is only how to maintain Giant’s workforce. Younger interest in factory jobs is declining. Currently, recruiting in China seems difficult despite the widespread layoffs. She said Giant is trying to find the best use of Chinese resources in the context of geopolitical turmoil.

Apart from that, many other manufacturers have set up factories in Vietnam. But for Giant, the Southeast Asian market is not large enough to reach.

Looking for the racing bike Contend SL 1

Contend SL 1 was born not only to attract customers by popular prices but also by design and features that are getting better and better.

As a product in the list of racing bikes of the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and accessories, Contend SL 1 is distributed and trusted in many Asian and European markets. Contend SL 1 increasingly affirmed its position in the village of racing bikes, last April this bike model was rated 4.5/5 stars by Bikeradar magazine, its members rated them as knowledgeable experts. On racing bikes, there is an objective assessment and each product is thoroughly inspected by Bikeradar about aesthetics and aesthetic ability.

Contend SL 1 is really an impressive racing bike, the overall weight of the car under 9kg is quite suitable for the purpose of training or playing in professional racing competitions.


Contend SL 1 creates more confidence for users thanks to the frame made of Aluxx SL (Super Light) aluminum material, according to the level, this advanced material is lighter in weight than steel, and is very durable. Rusting extends the life of the product. The firmness and firmness of Aluxx SL new aluminum material creates more favorable conditions when climbing, breaking, sprinting to the finish. The Contend SL 1 has a geometric balance feature that helps the car move at a faster pace than other conventional racing bikes. Along with that is the Hybrid Composite fork set that makes the car move more smoothly, reducing the vibration from the road surface.

V-brake type mechanical brake works well, maximum clamping force is higher than other types of brakes, strong and able to control maximum, V brake is easy to assemble and maintain. The entire cable is threaded inside the frame, increasing the aesthetics of the vehicle. This configuration ensures users have good experiences, meeting the needs of simple daily use with stable multitasking capabilities.


Record Giant Connect with solidity, help riders curl around the track smoothly and accurately. Sport boosters provide comfort and timely help for the accelerator postures of the riders.

Contend SL 1 owns aluminum braces Giant PR-2 combined with Giant Gavia AC 2 cover size 700x25c, tubeless form avoids sudden pressure loss and can self-patch when rolling sharp objects. The seat is comfortable, the material is smooth, airy, high stability. Besides, the saddle has a limited ability like a squirrel when moving through rough roads, potholes on the road, helping people pedal more excitement on the long road.


Accompanied by a smooth saddle, the saddle is easily raised and lowered in accordance with the height of each pedal, with a fast opening lock made by a moderate thrust that can adjust the height of the saddle car. The saddle integrates D-Fuse technology to absorb the vibrations and bring good experiences on the road.

Contend SL 1 2018 has two basic colors: black/blue and white/orange, both versions are very elegant and time-consuming.