What to Know When You Want to Get a New Bike (part 1)

For newcomers who are thinking about cycling, the choice of a bike is not about style, design, but it depends on the purpose of the bike, the budget to buy it, and the configuration. So what are the criteria when you buy a bike? Let’s find out what newbies need to know when they intend to buy a bike!


Mountain bicycles (MTB)

If you are a cyclist, or simply prefer the bunker sized bike, terrain bike will be the choice for you. Mountain bikes have bigger, thicker wheels with lots of interlocking spikes to aid in overcoming obstacles, so run fast on potholes or crushed rock. just a small thing. Besides, you should choose Hardtail terrain vehicle (1 fork) will help bring comfort and convenience to carry things than the 2-fork (Full-suspension). However, mountain bike lines are usually heavier so it takes more effort to cycle.

Road Bike

Contrary to the street and mountain bike, road bicycles generally focus on speed, suitable for those who love the feeling of surfing at high speed. However, most road bikes have a pair of wheels so fragile so tire wear or tear is easy. Therefore, if you intend to choose a road bike for cycling, you should bring spare tires and guts. Besides, you must be very careful when cycling road because they are easy to slip when wet surface conditions.

Street Bike

Street bikes put more emphasis on comfort and convenience when integrating the paga part to carry things. Typically, street bikes are designed with a solid aluminum or steel frame, with universal transmission and horizontal handlebars. This makes it easy to change the seating position, bringing usability and ease of use for everyone. Besides, the wheels are solid because there are 36 spokes or more. So the problem of spokes fracture or curved rim almost does not occur. Suitable street wheel sizes are 700c x 28, or 700c x 36.

Learn about terrain bicycles for beginners

In addition to simply cycling, players must also learn very carefully to take care of their treasures, buy bicycle accessories to make their pet more and more perfect.

However, for newbies, it also has certain difficulties. With a forest of bicycles today, how to choose a bike that suits you. If you are new to bicycle, check out the article about terrain bike below!

Mountain biking refers to cycling on difficult, obstructed terrain such as mountain passes, slopes, forest roads… This sport requires strength, ability to handle fast, flexible, is the subject sport for the adventurous. These terrain bikes have heavyweight, big wheels, many spikes, big frames, with front and rear forks, some types have shock absorbers in the middle of the bike, handlebar design is straight. Although the speed and flexibility on the street are not as good as the Road bike, this type of terrain bike runs on all terrains and the price is softer, and strong redesign should be used quite popular.


Advantages of terrain bikes

Frictional terrain bikes with large road surfaces should run well on rough and sloping terrain. Thick tires should limit spraying in the middle of the road. The handlebars are straight, so the rider can sit up straight, reducing fatigue more than the bent posture of the Road Bike.

Disadvantages of terrain bikes

Due to the weight of this mountain bike is relatively heavy, large wheels, when running on the flat road will be slow and laborious for the user. Users often have to add mud fenders to the front and rear wheels.


Classification terrain bike

The MTB sportbike line is divided into several smaller types, suitable for each object as well as specific terrain types, in terms of structure with two main types: Full-suspension: There are full front and rear shock absorbers, move smoothly but is quite heavy Hard-tail: Only equipped with a single shock absorber at the front of the vehicle, not suitable for crossing rough terrain.