Review of Mekk T1 Track Bike

Mekk fixed gear bike manufacturer is from UK, famous for quality genuine fixed gear bikes that many veteran riders trust in big racing events.

One of the quality genuine fixed gear bikes of Mekk is the T1 Track Bike. We will give you the most comprehensive review of this bike model.


Technical data

• Chassis: triple aluminum frames with 3 smooth-welded butt heads

• Forks: MU carbon forks are fully tapered

• Wheels: specially designed so that users are always safe even when walking on slippery roads.

• Slugs: 3 main types: 48/49/50 T

• Weight: 7.68 kg

• Tire: Viitoria Diamante Pro Pista 32

• Hand crank: Saturae 165

• Wheels: Saturae 24/28h aluminum

• Po – tank: Saturae

• Saddle pile: Saturae

• Saddle: Fizik

Mekk T1 Track Bike quality genuine fixed gear bike is the 3rd generation of the bike manufacturer when tested. When riding a genuine quality fixed gear bike, users can fully control to go around the city. Aluminum frame with 3 heads butting together with quality forks, Mekk T1 Track Bike is the perfect choice of a fixed gear racing bike.


The dedicated wheels will help you stay balanced and safe on any terrain. With the sizes of 3 different types of slugs, Mekk T1 Track Bike quality genuine fixed gear reaches an impressive speed.

The frame is light so it will give users a good balance experience and handle the situation well when cycling. When we tried to go around the city streets with the Mekk T1 Track Bike, we felt very comfortable and light because the bike was very smooth.


Manufacturer Mekk uses components and wheels Saturae to reduce the cost of the bike, bringing maximum convenience to the user. The wheels meet all your desires for speed. The main frames of the T1 Track Bike are gorgeous with those with subtle lines and perfection. This is a genuine quality fixed gear bike for those who want to become a professional rider.