The 3 most sought European bicycle models today

When motorbikes and cas are making urban traffic stifling and polluting, male sports bikes become the preferred mode of transportation.

Using men’s sports bikes is becoming a new trend, the new movement brings many health and social benefits. In large cities, the number of people using sports bikes especially men is increasing. There are many types of vehicles used with all kinds of models, designs, origins and quality that make consumers unaware of which type to choose.

To make it easier for you to choose the product you like, we introduce you to the readers of the 3 most sought-after male sports bikes that you can consider to choose:

Peugeot mountain bike M01-100

Peugeot M01-100 terrain bikes are currently the most popular and sought-after men’s sports bikes among terrain bikes. Peugeot M01-100 men’s sports bike possesses perfect design with ultra-durable, ultra-light, super-sturdy aluminum alloy frame that provides strong, durable and won the title of male alloy bike most attractive aluminum year. Focusing on the production of the chassis makes this male sport bike feature a sturdy, sturdy frame and a light weight.

Peugeot M01-100 uses Shimano’s premium theme which is Shimano SLX. This transmission provides smooth, smooth, smooth operation possible in all terrain areas including climbing or ice. All the disc thighs are made from high-grade aluminum alloy. If you like the power, sophistication and personality, Peugeot M01-100 is definitely a great choice for you.

Definitive racing bikes

The most sought-after second male sports bike is the Definitive. Definitive, which has a much more powerful ability with the upgrade of 20sp Groupset Tiagra like a whirlwind on racetrack.

As its name suggests, this sports bike is considered by a racing driver to be a “whirlwind” on the track because it has the ability to accelerate rapidly and move as fast as a whirlwind. Definitive shows the sophistication in every contour from the chassis to the transmission. The frame is made of Toray T700 Bikebon fiber made from French super hard, super durable, super light.

Besides the frame, definitive equipped with Groupset Tiagra 20sp with 20 speed, the rim is also made of 3K Bikebon fiber and 2R bearing will definitely give you great experience on the track. The upgrade of the entire pair of wheels and wheels shows that definitive has become the premium version sent to consumers.

 Terrain bike Bianchi Kuma 27.0

Bianchi Kuma 27.0 bike is the third male sports bike that we want to introduce to readers that Bianchi Kuma 27.0 has been dubbed the super hill road thanks to its ability to conquer extreme speed. With a price of 25 million, Kuma 27.0 terrain bike possesses a high-grade aluminum alloy frame and innovative design in the air that exudes a strong, outstanding sport and health.

This male sports bike has a curved section that helps the rear wheel to be closer to the distance to bring the advantage of the movement when moving on the hilly road, when accelerating to the finish line. bends. Besides, Kuma bianchi bike 27.0 is preferred by Japanese manufacturer with Shimano XT Japanese.