Top 3 best fornix bike lines 2018

Here are the 3 most popular fornix models that are most popular in the market you can refer:

1. Bicycle fornix MS50

First of all, the outstanding feature of the MS50 has a nice curved rib design, a sporty look. Especially preferred because this design is for young people to go to school, go out and light exercise with friends.

In addition to the color of the car, it is covered with a very fashionable stamp, each color of the car is a marvel of the designer to meet the different styles in the personality of the young people.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix ms50\

About the composition of the thread, there are 21 variable speeds, equivalent to the last 7 and 3 previous disks. 21 Speed ​​is not so much but enough to make you experience different types of bikes when going uphill, downhill, or road.

Another note worthy point is that the upgrade of bicycles with all the front and rear axles is a better quality Shimano thread. The front and rear wheels of the 24 inch size, have many lines and diameters that allow the road. Fornix MS50’s built-in accessory is available with the slider, the baga kit for easy installation or dismantling options. Higher quality, better appearance and especially price.

2. Bicycle fornix BM703

Despite the appearance of the off-road vehicle, BM703 was dubbed the iron horse because of the highlights in this fornix BM703 is not too difficult to see because the car has a larger frame than the same type of car, will fit all the sitting posture of people running this car

In particular, the foot can stretch straight and back gently when running. Wheel with many slot grooves sticking to help drive the road, even though the crabs will help limit your support to move smoothly on difficult and bumpy terrain.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix BM703

And the frame is made of sturdy, sturdy carbon material for the bike people. On the frame of the car, the logo is printed in a youthful and sporty way, equipped with a 24-speed speed switch with 3 discs. before and 7 shots

Help you experience a variety of different bike styles, to move flexibly in many ways. With the size of the 26 inch 24-speed transmission, this car is very well-equipped in a very affordable price.

3. Bicycle fornix BT301

Next is the fornix BT301 with a unique aerodynamic design, equipped with strong iron rib cage with high-tech welds. Along with the stamp is designed to be pointed backwards, creating a feeling of blowing the wind forward.

In addition, the combination of car stamps and rib colors creates harmony that creates an overall attraction at first sight. Safe disc brakes, horizontal recording sure by design engineers equipped with two front and rear disc brakes.

This can help you be able to travel freely at a fast pace or you can move in difficult sections of traffic. Because the disc brake helps the driver to stop the car quickly and safely

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fornix BT301

Accompanying it is the speed switch and handle made of rubberized plastic that is smooth and firm. By Shielded hands are attached on the handle bars is just a highlight of the design, and can protect your hand when there is a collision or slipping.

The 21-speed optimum motion gives the driver a variety of different cycling and speed experiences. Each speed will match different terrain and is suitable for the purpose of the riders.

For example, when you need to climb a slope or bad conditions, you need to adjust the pedal slightly, lose less energy, and when you need to cycle to exercise, you need to adjust the number of heavier cycles to consume.

In addition, the car is equipped with special 700c wheels to race, along with a pair of 3cm versions designed to blow the wind for this type of 700c wheel to reduce friction so you can achieve speed max without excessive effort.